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Advanced Drum Lessons

Advanced Drum Lessons for Advanced Students offers intermediate and advanced drummers the content and topics they want to learn to improve their pocket, technique application, melody development within all styles, vocabulary, soloing and phrasing around the kit. Gain access to affordable, flexible, advanced drum lessons with a Berklee College of Music faculty member for just $14.99/month!

With an online drum lesson subscription to, James Murphy will motivate and encourage you to improve your playing with a unique, creative approach to developing vocabulary for soloing, focused on modern application and dynamic shapes. James will help you to develop practice routines to help you move through material quickly and effectively. 

These online drum lessons are designed for experienced drummers, career musicians and other advanced players who want to take their skills to a higher level. No matter where you are located in the world, sign up for online drum lessons today to begin your studies with James Murphy. You can watch and participate in the live weekly drum lessons in the comfort of your own home or watch the archived lessons on your mobile device while on the go! 

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