Drum Teacher

A Drum Teacher With Experience

You need a drum teacher with experience. When you sign up for drum lessons, it’s important to have the same quality you would expect from a Berklee College in music course. With my years of experience as both a musician and an educator, I can help you acquire new skills and improve your drumming ability.

As a drum teacher, the most important thing for me is to share my passion for the drums. Your future as a musician will be built on the passion that starts in your very first lesson. It’s my goal to share passion as well as knowledge.

Drumming is as technical as it is expressive. In my classes you will learn the ins and outs of playing the drums as well as how to express yourself as an artist.

Drums are a vital instrument in countless music styles and you can start your drumming journey today.

If you are looking for lessons that are just like a Berklee College in music course, get in touch with me today.

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