Group Online Drum Lesson

Keep Practicing With a Group Online Drum Lesson

Have you always wanted to learn drums, but the thought of a one on one session is too intimidating? I offer a group online drum lesson that is perfect for people looking to have live drum lessons and learn this instrument together.

My group lessons are perfect for people who want a more traditional classroom setting or for premade groups who want to learn this instrument together.

If you learn best in a group setting, you will thrive in my group classes. You will be able to work with peers who all share your passion for this instrument as you hone your classes and enhance your abilities as drummers. You’ll be working with students who will succeed as a group and you’ll have the added benefit of being able to learn from our community.

A group online drum lesson is also the perfect choice for premade groups looking to learn together. Families, bands, and ensembles can all benefit from learning together. Sharing the learning experience brings people together and gives you valuable insight into how an instrument is played.
For professionals, there is nothing more valuable than understanding how all the instruments in your act can come together.

Get in touch with me to learn more about my live drum lessons and schedule yours today!

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